We understand that institutional buildings need to have constant, careful and detailed cleaning. Sierra Maid’s institutional cleaning experience includes medical clinics, hotels, schools, daycares, and churches.

innerpic_institutionalInstitutional cleaning

Each institution is unique, with special cleaning requirements. For example, high-traffic buildings present the highest challenge for toxin and infection control. Medical clinics and long-term care facilities have unique cleaning challenges, too. At Sierra Maid Cleaning, we understand that we have an important, specialized role to play at these facilities. We’re especially concerned about the health of patients and residents, bearing in mind that their immune systems may already be compromised.

Our concern for health and safety at each institution has made us committed to greener institutional cleaning. That’s why we use non-toxic and infection control and other environmentally safe cleaning materials.

Each institution we clean has its own cleaning needs. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all janitorial solution. We’ll create a customized cleaning schedule to address your facility’s unique requirements.

Sierra Maid and its well-trained, professional staff give special attention to detail in critical areas of each facility. Sierra Maid’s staff has the knowledge and experience to tackle the unique cleaning and janitorial needs of each facility we clean– including yours.

Questions? Ready to schedule a consultation and arrange for a cleaning estimate? We serve all of Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley— including North Vancouver, downtown Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Langley. We’d love to hear from you. Please call us at (604) 763-6456 or leave us a message on our Contact Page.


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