Mabintys’ Story: Out of Africa

mabinty-196x300Mabinty Kanu is the founder and owner of Sierra Maid Cleaning Services. She knows from experience that cleaning is hard work. A native of the beautiful but then war-torn West African coastal nation of Sierra Leone, Mabinty began a new life in Canada as a recently widowed wife and mother. She also began cleaning, at first just a much-needed job in hotels and motels in Greater Vancouver, then a as career, and eventually as her own business– for which she is very proud.

As her home country rebuilt into a peaceful and now-prospering nation, Mabinty developed her cleaning skills in the adopted country that she has grown to love. After spending several ears working for cleaning companies in the Lower Mainland, Mabinty launched her own cleaning business.

Her mission is not only to be environmentally-friendly but also to offer personalized cleaning service. In an environment of corporate cleaners, Mabinty and her team bring personality, a personal touch and passion to cleaning– whether it’s a large or small job. Current clients include offices, retail stores, seniors homes, and the homes of residential clients. Her team also performs post-renovation and construction clean-ups.


Sierra Maid Cleaning Services

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